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Around Brisbane

this is a collection of photos of places all within 2 hours drive of Brisbane

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dawn over Brisbane as seen from the Mount Coot-tha lookout

interesting cone shaped hill seen on the road running from Nerang to Murwillumbah near Lamington National Park


soft pinks and greys in the sunrise over the Gold Coast, taken near Nerang on the way up to Springbrook

the only way I could fit the whole of the waterfall in was to take the photo on a 45degree angle

location: Queen Mary Falls, about 60kms east of Warwick


another dramatic waterfall; Dagg Falls, also about 60kms from Warwick

kookaburra has fluffed up it's feathers to protect itself from the cold at Bald Rock campground, Girraween National Park

hot showers and a campsite for only $US2.00/night!



many of the buildings in Ruthven St, Toowoomba (the main street)
show their old world charm as this photo of the Pigott's building demonstrates




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